Our responsible commitments

Creating wealth that benefits everyone while reducing inequalities and looking after the environment and people’s health is the defining challenge of the 21st century. CSR is a major driver of this sustainable action and a strong contributor to the relationships that Auchan Holding’s companies have with their stakeholders. 

CSR and ethics

Auchan Holding’s companies are concerned with constantly improving workplace security and quality of life as well as individual involvement in an environment of trust, for all their employees. They capitalise on their employees’ diverse profiles to grow, in a culture of responsibility that it is transmitted to and cultivated at their partner organisations.

Moreover, through their various activities Auchan Holding’s companies have an impact on the world around them on account of the millions of customers that they serve daily. They accordingly strive to limit their footprint and thus help better preserve natural resources and the planet’s shared assets.

 To report on the impact of its policies and initiatives, Auchan Holding publishes its extra-financial results in full transparency and has them certified by an independent third party. They can be found in the CSR chapter of its management report, published every year.